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Awake Jetboard RÄVIK S

Awake RÄVIK S – A high-performance carving machine.

Awake RÄVIK S provides the adrenaline hungry water sports athletes with the next level of electric propulsion, carving, and agility. Awake RÄVIK S suits the rider who is looking for an intense, adrenaline-pumping experience that enables dynamic use.

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The hull of the Awake RÄVIK S has been completely redesigned in order to provide the rider with the tools to go hard, without sacrificing the signature features of the Awake RÄVIK. The low buoyancy (30% lower than the Awake RÄVIK), narrow tail and softer edges makes it easier for the rider to push the edges into the water, enabling tighter, harder and faster carves. The twin-fin system make the straights comfortably stable, without sacrificing the agility of the Awake RÄVIK S.

Specifications :

  • Top speed:50 kph
  • Acceleration:0-50 kph in 6 sec
  • Riding time:15-20 min
  • Charging time:1 h 20 min
  • Exchangeable batteries:Yes
  • Top speed modes:3 settings
  • Throttle sensitivity modes:3 settings
  • Total weight with battery:39 kg

1 x Battery
1 x Speed charger
1 x Wireless hand controller
1 x Hand controller charger
1 x Power key leash
2 x Foot straps
4 x MFC x Awake fins


Key Features:

  • Aggressive rocker

The aggressive rocker of the Awake RÄVIK S gives you the ability to dig into the deep carves as well as catching the lip of the waves when jumping!



  • Carving rails

The Awake RÄVIK S has a channel-shaped hull that creates protruding rails (carving rails) on the edges. These rails give amazing stability and grip in deep carves.



  • Low buoyancy

The Awake RÄVIK S has the lowest buoyancy of all the Awake Boards. This means that it’s a lot easier to push down into the water when carving, giving way for the carving rails to do their job.



  • Stronger construction

The channel design of the Awake RÄVIK S provides a stronger construction. In addition, there are strategically placed indentations to make it even more rigid and robust.



  • W-shaped hull

The W-shaped hull of the Awake RÄVIK S is created by its hull’s channel design, and the carving rails are noticeably visible.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 184 × 66 × 27 cm


Battery type

Extended XR, Standard

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