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Mistral Lombok 11’5

Leash plug
10.3 kg (+/- 7%)
Nose D-ring (underside)
Tail D-ring
Nose grave handle
Center carry handle                                                                                                                                                               Slide in fin
Push pin securement
Bow cargo net
Super stable
Wave piercing bow shape
31 “standard width
6” board thickness
Brushed and Diamond EVA

578,00 exclude vat

2 in stock

*Shipping costs not inlcuded

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The Lombok 11’5 SUP is the largest of the Mistral Line Tribe. Ideal for beginners / families / and of course for very heavy people. The Mistral designers have successfully Shape consistent and forward-looking further developed. Core of this development is the thinned bug which allows a much freer paddling against the wind and chop. A far more efficient paddling is the result of this new design.

The Mistral developers designed and the rear of the boards in the Tribe line from scratch, and could raise the tilting stability to a new level. Overall, the Board feels much more alive and much faster. If you change its stance on the Tribe boards back there is another special feature, which is also very unique in the market. The further one moves the standing position to the rear, so agile, and above all stable the boards of the Mistral Tribe line are. This allows, for example, in moving waters, such as on rivers, an extremely tilt-stable – very moving – and precise control of the SUP. Changes to the standing position further forward, the directional stability of the Tribe boards increases significantly.
Result of this development is an extremely stable board, which provides a very agile SUP both beginners, families and serious people, which guarantees a high fun factor.

The Lombok 11’5 is a truly exceptional all-rounder.
The smaller Sumatra 10’6 brings the same brand new shape properties with, and must ensure sufficient volumes to people to 90kg enough lift.
The Java 9’6 is through good maneuverability and controllability an ideal Junior / Kid’s SUP is.

The area of application is very versatile for all three models, ranging from shallow waters over the river to the sea.
This Tribe-line phone rings with the new revolutionary
in a new era of standup paddle shape design.


Included – hand pump Mistral

LOMBOK 11’5 x 31 “x 6” x 336L x9,9 kg (+/- 7%)


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