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Quikslide 100 carbon/PVC COMPLETE Zonda 5’4 | 6’5 | 7’5

The New “2019” freeride WindSurfs by the Legendary Mistral. Available in different sail range.

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Our Mistral Quikslide freeride boards, excels in speed and control and a contender as one of the ‘best of type’ in its category. Insanely sweet gybes and outstanding acceleration combines to make an easy riding allrounder that will blow you away with its turn of speed. Our Quickslide boards, incorporate some blue sky design concepts to create a truly versatile board. The performance orientated rocker-line, lends itself to having ample water line length to maximise speed and control whilst the thin deck shape and boxy rails, deliver superb water run off, acceleration and speed, enabling maximum levels of control that you can expect of a surf board like shredder. A wide egg-outlined shape provides a super fun platform upon which to ride, with the added benefit of our V-flow tail, providing lift and added control in the turns. Fast gybing with fast entry and exit curves are easily achieved on these top line freeride boards, constructed to the very highest levels of construction you’ve come to expect of a Mistral laminated board.

Also,our Zonda sails, offer high top end speeds and ease of handling as you might expect of larger wave and free ride sails. Comprised of a 5 batten sail profile the configuration will have you up planing early without having to work too hard to get there! Zonda sails are super user friendly and useable over a wide range of wind strengths and water environments. Well balanced and forgiving in the gusts, Mistral Zonda sails permit high levels of control when the going gets tough in the gusts over choppy waters, the top of the sail falling away with just the right amount of leach bend and recoil. Highly tuneable, a Zonda sail will enable you to fine tune your sailing in order to reap maximum trade off for control versus power, versus speed over a very wide range of conditions, meeting the demands of the most demanding of sailors.

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