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Awake Jetboard RÄVIK ONE

The Award-winning Awake RÄVIK ONE is the premier product in Awake’s electric surfboard portfolio.

The wide tail and sharp edges of the Awake RÄVIK ONE provides the rider with a stable experience, while at the same time offering performance at the very top of what the industry has to offer.



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Awake RÄVIK ONE has a timeless design and Awake’s cutting-edge modular technology, and the wider tail makes for a stable ride without sacrificing performance. Awake RÄVIK ONE suits anyone who is looking for a great ride without compromising stability and ease-of-use. Four different rider modes can be changed by connecting the Awake RÄVIK ONE to the Awake Application (available for iPhone and Android), providing the rider with excitement and fun, no matter previous experience.
Specifications :
  • Top speed:56 kph
  • Acceleration:0-50 kph in 4 sec
  • Riding time:20-40 min
  • Charging time:1 h 20 min
  • Exchangeable batteries:Yes
  • Top speed modes:3 settings
  • Throttle sensitivity modes:3 settings
  • Total weight with battery:38 kg

1 x Battery
1 x Speed charger
1 x Wireless hand controller
1 x Hand controller charger
1 x Power key leash
2 x Foot straps
4 x MFC x Awake fins
Key Features:
  • Soft rocker
The soft rocker of the Awake RÄVIK ONE enables smooth, easy planing at the same time as it pushes through choppy conditions like nothing!




  • Wide tail

The Awake RÄVIK ONE has the widest tail out of all three models. This helps with stability and planing, as well as surface grip.



  • High buoyancy

The higher buoyancy of the Awake RÄVIK ONE provides stability and also helps the soft rocker with the easy planning.



  • Acceleration

Thanks to the easy planning and high buoyancy, the Awake RÄVIK ONE has the fastest acceleration of all the three boards (if you put the rider mode in Extreme, that is!)




M-shaped hull

The M-shaped hull gives the Awake RÄVIK ONE great surface grip, which helps with stability and ease-of-use in different riding conditions.


Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 184 × 66 × 27 cm


Battery type

Extended XR, Standard

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