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Aztron Lightspeed 14’0″

Built with best 3K carbon material and competitive race SUP shape. The LIGHTSPEED is innovatively designed to perform in all conditions and sits at the top of the podium.

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When it comes to race paddling performance, there is one board to rule them all, the Lightspeed 14’0″ carbon race SUP. Designed to be the fastest and most exhilarating race board in the market. The secret starts with the advanced board construction. Features a CNC shaped EPS foam core with all wrapped full 3K carbon laminated layers, the Lightspeed reaches a perfect proportion of weight, stiffness and performance.

Features a length of 14 feet (427cm) and a width for racers at 24.5 inch (62cm) and built with ultra-light carbon and glass mixed layers, this race SUP delivers stunning performance in every kind of water condition, perfect for flat water and ocean chop. Fast and dynamic, this is the ultimate machine for riders who value performance above all else.


  • CNC shaped EPS foam core
  • Full carbon construction and extremely lightweight at only 12.5kg (27.6lbs)
  • Thick and rounded nose cuts through water efficiently and effortlessly
  • Raised rail profile: designed for more pop in flat water and more control in chop. Thick profile also makes the board versatile to handle more challenging conditions
  • Square sloped tail: the tail design prevents from flooding the deck when buoy turning and paddling. It also creates full acceleration
  • Mono concave hull for great tracking and fast speed
  • Multiple neoprene handles: Built for race pros, the multiple race handles give perfect and comfortable grip for running beach starts
  • Race Fin set-up: Aztron 8.3 astronaut Race Fin is equipped with this model. The fiberglass honeycomb fin structure gives the board lightweight and great tracking


LENGTH 14’0″ / 427 cm
WIDTH 24.5″ / 62 cm
THICKNESS 8.4″ / 21 cm
WEIGHT 12.5 kg / 27.6 lbs
REC. PAYLOAD 100 kg / 200 lbs
MAX. PAYLOAD 110 kg / 243 lbs
CARBON SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION The Aztron’s carbon composite board uses the latest technology and manufacturing process to build our premium Carbon Sandwich Construction SUP. The advanced structure features high-end vacuum laminated 3K carbon with foam inserts in the deck. The carbon fiber adds huge strength to the board without compromising the desirable flex-reflex characteristics, therefore generate huge amount of speed and drive. We use premium carbon fiber material in the overall reinforcing process, gives unmatched strength and weight saving.
The Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam core creates a lighter and more durable stand up paddle board construction. The EPS core covers 80% of the board and creates a lively and buoyant center makes the board extremely forgiving.
The LIGHTSPEED 14.0 feature a state-of-the-art rocker line and a recessed standing area that provide added stability and lower center of gravity for superior padding position, lightning fast acceleration and ultimate gliding speed.
DIAMOND GROOVE EVA FOOTPAD & GRAB HANDLE The LIGHTSPEED 14.0 features a two-section of 5mm thick soft brushed diamond grooved EVA traction pad on the deck. The anti-slippery traction pad gives riders ultimate grip and maximum comfort. Multiple neoprene handles are equipped with this race SUP. The soft neoprene handles delivers perfect and comfortable grip for running beach starts.
INTEGRATED BUNGEE CORDS The expandable and adjustable front bungee system lets rider grab and go with safe and easy gear access. Easily attach extras like dry bag or loose gear, snacks and water bottle.
SLOPED TAIL AND KICK PAD The square sloped tail prevents from flooding the deck when buoy turning and paddling. It also comes with an additional tail kick pad with arch of 1.4inch/3.5cm, optimize the board positioning for controlling and aggressive buoy turns with fast recovery.
8.3 FIBERGLASS RACE FIN The 8.3 Astronaut fiberglass race fin is equipped with the LIGHTSPEED board. The honeycomb core construction makes it ultra-lightweight, stiff and great tracking. Comes with US fin box setup.


 Racing Fin 8.3″(US Finbox) Sup Coil Leash 10″


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Weight 20,5 kg
Dimensions 437 × 65 × 22 cm


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