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Lift High Aspect Wing – 170 Front

Fast, efficient

A great all around wing for multiple disciplines

986,00 exclude vat

Available on backorder

*Shipping costs not inlcuded

The little brother to the Lift 200 HA, with more speed and more efficiency. 170 Square inches of surface area, 37” wing span. This is a shop favorite that demands a little bit of practice, but will be your absolute favorite wing for all disciplines. It’s fast, it turns and it pumps as if you had a motor below your board (also available for sale ;).

For eFoiling this wing offers top efficiency and runs pretty quick. It certainly takes some practice, but is extremely gratifying when you become familiar with it. Definitely a shop favorite.

Aspect Ratio: 8.1

Area: 170 in ^2 / 1095 cm^2

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