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Mistral 8’coiled knee leash plus QR mechanism

Length folded: 1’4” (40 cm)
Max length: 8′ (243 cm)
Diameter: 7 mm

32,23 exclude vat

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*Shipping costs not inlcuded

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For every SUP rider as an important safety gear.

An important safety product, a leash must not be underestimated. It is highly recommended that all SUP riders use a leash. In strong winds and during an involuntary fall, a board can drift away very quickly. With leash in case of unwanted swimming the board stays close to you and you don’t need to chase it.

Mistral Spiral Sup Leash can be attached both to the ankle and just below the knee. The second solution will make leash not tangled directly under your feet and stumbling over it will be much less likely.

Attachment at the knees height

Another advantage of the leash attachment at the knees height is easier access to it in an emergency situation. You can detach the leash much more quickly if necessary.


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