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Mistral Bali 8’6

Mistral Bali 8’6 Kid SUP board Pure control for children on water in all situations for the best first SUP experience! … … This is what the new Mistral Bali 8’6 Kid Board

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Whether in a headwind or chop,
The Mistral Bali 8’6 can be controlled due to its specially designed for children Shape Design, potty, while remaining extremely easy to control. Without effort, it is possible kids, very easy to paddle against the wind and waves. This feature makes for great children’s safety on the water, and guarantees that the kids a fun, not paddling lose.

The Bali 8’6 Ki densures maximum ground speed, with good directional stability, and provides as direct a lot of fun at paddling. But the new shape also allows for incredible maneuverability by standing a little further back. The special feature is that this board will tilt resistant, even, the further back you stand on the board. Thus Bali 8’6 Kid-SUP is also moving waters such as the sea with waves, or by the river the first choice. An important property of the Bali Kid’s SUP is a not too large width of the boards in the standing area for children, a vertical as possible cause of the paddle to allow.

The Mistral is a very modern Bali 8’6 Kid-SUP, which was designed specifically to meet the needs of children, and it has an incredible wide range of applications.

Due to the very light weight (only 7.3 kg) coming, kid’s also in handling very well with this board. By 6inch (15cm) thickness of the SUP, and sufficient volume (200 liters), these boards can be easily paddled lighter adults in waves / rivers and shallow water.

BALI 8’6 x 27 “x 6” x 200L x 7.3kg



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