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Mistral Makani Full Carbon Paddle


  • 7.5 “x 16” blade
  • High aspect
  • Marginally higher spline allowing the water to split evenly
  • Marginal blade concave
  • Palm grip
  • Shaft flex Medium
  • Inner adjustable blade shaft incremental in cm and inches
  • Round shaft

205,79 exclude vat

Available on backorder

*Shipping costs not inlcuded

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A high aspect leaf shape is not a new concept, indeed American Indians and Africans based on rivers and coastal areas used this style, and continue to do so today. Standing and paddling presents some interesting challenges to leverage in respect of the centre of gravity of the paddler. The advantage of the high aspect blade is that its shape allows for the shaft to be in the vertical postion longer and promotes a much improved paddle technique.

1 piece 83.5″(212cm) for cutting down


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