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Mistral Vortex AIR 14′

The new Vortex 14 Air is a completely new Inflatable SUP Race in unique style. Latest I-SUP technology with three separate air chambers for outstanding tilt stability, incredible longitudinal stability, as well as the extra plus of safety.

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Length: 14′
Width: 25” / 28”
Type: Race / Touring
Model: 2019

Set includes
Wheeled backpack
Repair kit

This is an exciting design shift away from normal, by which Mistral aims to elevate the status and performance of the inflatable SUP. Using clever placement of 4 different chambers, incorporating drop stitch fabrics and non-drop stitch inflated sections, finally a stand up paddle board which has added form and function by design! Mistral Vortex Air is a board genuinely more efficient in the water, representing true advancement in the industry.

The primary hull chamber new construction inflated to 15 psi is extra rigid, more edgy and hydrodynamically efficient. The independently inflated side rails, are low psi hollow chambers of only 4 psi and provide secondary buoyancy, acting as stabilisers when the board rolls, permitting the primary hull to be narrower. Those rails are above the deck, they sit just above the waterline so the are not contributing to drag. Much narrower hull improves torsional properties of the main chamber itself, laminar flow of the water and directional stability is improved!

The hollow nose chamber is also at only 4 psi and functions to improve water flow-off when punching upwind and added buoyancy when paddling downwind. The nose is deliberately not pointed, but made blunt to ensure added volume in this area.

This revolutionary board provides altogether improved paddling experience of an inflatable board. Mistral proves to be a cutting-edge brand again! Vortex Air is available in 2 different widths: 25” for those looking for maximum speed and performance and 28” for heavier riders and those looking for little more stability

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