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SCK Purity Plus caricature – Red Yellow

Purity + is a small kayak for the sea, lakes and rivers.

Very easy in use, in relation small in dimensions that do easy in transfer and the storage.
Its length in 2.70 measures do it comfortable to maneuvers, while the width at 75 cm. gives him the stability needed.
In its standard equipment are two watertight closets for it transport of small objects with security, while the comfortable space in back of kayak with rubber restraint is ideal for transport bigger things such as a waterproof bag, flippers and more.

The new Purity car is upgraded in various details in kayak design but keeps its convenient small dimensions.
The big upgrade you find in design of position, so that it can be adjusted aluminum seat which is very comfortable mainly for long hours of use, as a fishing kayak or just for a better and more comfortable grip.
Then 2 have been adjusted internal reed boxes behind the position giving the possibility of use for fishing with rod.
The handles have upgraded providing better grip. The sides also have the system restraint of paddle with rubber.
Finally, one glass case has added forward from the watertight closet, one too convenient and almost necessary addition.

386,29 exclude vat

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‘- 2 sealed hatches and inner bag.
– Handles bow and stern.
– Handles on the sides with paddle holding rubber.
– Elastic rope on the stern.
– Drainage valve.
– Water drainage system with detachable rubber plugs.
– Stainless steel clips and plastics Oh for various uses.

Length: 2.70 meters
Width: 0.75 meters
Height: 0.25 meters
Weight: 19 kg
Maximum capacity: 120 kg

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