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SeaFlo Sit-in kayak car with oar – Red

Seaflo Sit-In kayak

This sit-in kayak is for all those who love rowing.


The way it is produced with blow molding process does a lot light.
It has a thin hull design and a standard length of about 3 meters, which does very fast and efficient while at the same time it has easy direction.
Designed with rocket in the bow and stern “rides” easily the waves.
Kayak includes one adjustable seat with soft pantcomfortable storage space things forward and back καθώς and μικρό closet.

All these features make it comfortable for your daily rowing.

270,00 exclude vat

Available on backorder

*Shipping costs not inlcuded

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Length: 305 cm
Width: 71 cm
Height: 34 cm
Weight: 18.2 kg
Capacity: 125 kg


Standard equipment

– paddle
– Seat
– Carrying handles
– Elastic rope
– Drainage valve
– Elastic net
– Sealed closet
– Glass case


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