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Searaft M Shaped Jet Ski Docks

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Protecting What’s Important

Docking your Jet Skis or Seabobs can be a hazardous experience, often resulting in paint damages to both jet ski and yacht. Much better that they park safely into one of our Jet Ski Docks protecting both jet ski and yacht and providing a safe space to embark and disembark.

We offer several standard designs and sizes. Are you looking for something more specific and custom? Make sure to reach out to us.

Standard Sized

We carry several standard sized T- or M-shaped Jet Ski Docks, ranging from 1 to 6 skis and available in a one-piece or modular setup. SeaRaft Jet Ski Docks are supplied as standard with Water Ballast Bags, Soft Grip Carry Handles, D-rings, Rubbing Strake around. All packed and protected in a practical storage- and carrying bag. Simple and straight forward.

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