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Spinera Classic Alu Paddle

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Spinera Classic Aluminum SUP Paddle

The Spinera Classic Aluminum SUP Paddle is the price-performance king among SUP paddles. This paddle offers extremely good power transmission to the water.

With a high-quality aluminum shaft and injection-molded striking face, this paddle enables balanced performance and extreme durability for the ever-evolving paddler.

Detailed information: 

-Aluminium shank – 1.2mm thick aluminum
-Diameter: 1.14 “- 29mm -Length
: 65″ – 82.7 “- 165-210cm – 3 sections

-Reinforced PP face
-L x W: 16.5 “x 7.9” – 42 x 20cm)

-Length adjustable – individually adaptable
-3 parts can be dismantled, therefore small pack size – easy to stow
-inexpensive SUP aluminum paddle
-Color: black 
-weight: approx. 950g / 33.5 oz
-Max. Length: approx. 210cm

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