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VIKING Single Balance – Double balance, Roman chair DS-22

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VIKING Single balance – Double balance, Roman chair DS-22

The most functional Single Scale – Double Scale on the market with a very stable construction and many settings for proper execution of the exercises.

It is used for :        

  • Single balance traction.
  • Twin sinks.
  • Leg lifts for abs.
  • Exercises with straps.
  • Chest pressures.

5 height adjustments for single weight pulls! Serves all heights and adapts to all spaces, regardless of ceiling height!

Comfortable leather cushions in the hands for leg traction exercises.

The only one with adjustment of the back cushion forward for the correct support in the leg lifts.

Metal rings for hooking belts – tires.

Strong non-slip bases to remain stable. This also allows the dimensions of its base to be reduced.

Built-in handles for chest presses (push ups bars).


  • The Single Scales – Double Scales have the back support cushion far enough back to prevent the pulls of the Single Scales. The Viking DS-22 has the ability to adjust the cushion forward to support properly during leg lifts, while it can be moved backwards in single-weight traction.
  • It is also the only household Single Balance – Double Balance with strong autonomous non-slip bases that give it great stability while compressing the dimensions of the machine that no longer needs a large base to stabilize!

Length: 1.00 m

Width: 0.70 m

Minimum height: 2.10 m

Maximum height: 2.40 m

Single weight bar length 113 cm.

Maximum payload 180 kg.

Packaging dimensions: 132x65x12.5 cm

Package weight: 30.4 kgs

Additional information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 132 × 65 × 13 cm


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