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Yachtbeach Luxury Pool 4x4m w. 30cm Tube 20 cm Dropstitch

Yachtbeach Classic Pool 4x4m w. 30cm Tube – Exclusive Yacht Pool Completely new Yacht Pool concept from Yachtbeach. For wonderful pool days behind your yacht. Created for unscrupulous swimming in the sea and to enjoy wonderful pool days behind your yacht. Bathe in the sea without being disturbed by unpleasant encounters like jellyfish and other sea creatures or marine particles. Thanks to the fine-meshed PVC inner protection net, you are perfectly protected. Details Yachtbeach Yacht Pool 4x4m: -Inner dimensions: 350cm x 350cm made with a fine-mesh protective net -Depth: approx. 220cm -External dimensions: 410cm x 410cm -Tube diameter: approx. 30cm -Material thickness: reinforced PVC with 0.9mm thickness -Valve: 1 chamber system with a high pressure valve -Handles: 16 high quality mounting and carrying handles which are easy to combine with all Yacht Beach bathing platforms. 8 handles to get easily back in to the Ocean

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