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Yachtbeach Multi Dock And Lounger

Suitable for easy parking of up to 2 Seabobs or IAqua, Amazea, Jetsurf Boards, Awake Boards, Radinn Boards, Fliteboards, Lift Boards, Magicsurf Boards, Onean Boards, esurf Boards or Lampuga Boards

In addition to parking, it also offers a super comfortable lounge function for 2 people. It can also be used and attached in the luxury pool. It is noteworthy that the Yachtbeach Multi Dock and Lounger can be easily combined and varied with all Yachtbeach 4.1 & 3.0 platforms and luxury pools using the handle connection system. Beautiful, pleasant, non-slip and hard-wearing foam surface made of EVA in teak look.

1.428,00 exclude vat

Available on backorder

*Shipping costs not inlcuded

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