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Most versatile

The best all-rounder for any level of experience and riding style. Short enough for performance with enough volume and stability to support early aquaplaning.

— Board: Carbon or Fibreglass
— Dual Drive: Jet or Propeller
— Mast: 30″ (75cm)
— Size: 5’8” x 28” (173cm x 71cm)
— Volume: 100 litres

From €9.995


Level up

Responsive, manoeuvrable and intrepid. It’s the ultimate choice for freestyle riders, those with previous boardsports experience and lighter weight riders.

— Board: Carbon or Fibreglass
— Dual Drive: Jet or Propeller
— Mast: 30″ (75cm)
— Size 5’0” x 24.5” (152cm x 62cm)
— Volume 67 litres 

From €9.995


World’s lightest

For seasoned riders who want to push the boundaries of what’s possible on an eFoil. Optional footstraps on ULTRA or ride stripped back ULTRA L.

— Board: Carbon
— Dual Drive: Jet or Propeller
— Mast: 32″ (80cm)
— Size 4’2” x 23” (128cm x 58cm)
— Volume 57 litres

From €12.295


Beginner friendly

An easy-going inflatable board for learning and adventures. Rolls up for transport and storage. Perfect for yachts, families, schools and heavier riders.

— Board: Inflatable PVC + Carbon Core
— Dual Drive: Jet or Propeller
— Mast: 24″ (60cm)
— Size 6’0” x 30” (183cm x 76cm)
— Volume 164 litres

From €10.995

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