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Hoverstat Aquajet H2

AquaJet Dive H2 is composed of wings, fuselage, head cover, propeller and tail cover, and the power system is integrated into the fuselage. The front of the fuselage is equipped with a mounting hole, which can be fixed with an underwater camera.

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Product Features

For Diving-Users riding AquaJet Dive H2 and Wearing diving suits ,breathing tube,masks,flippers and other diving equipments for deep-sea diving to experience submarine exploration.

For Swimming-AquaJet Dive H2 help you swimming and freediving like a fish enjoying the water.

For Surfing-Seekers ride on waves to experience the thrill of surfing.

Product Highlights

AquaJet Dive H2 is multifunctional aquatic entertainment product for deep diving,swimming as well as surfing.

Easy Operation
Starting the product in two steps only-Users press the left handle switch with keeping pressing state and switch the speed control button
Easily control the direction by movement-AquaJet Dive H2 turns left , right,upward , downward ,rotation and other directions by moving your body.

Three-Way Speed Control
AquaJet Dive H2 has Low/Medium/high speed and the default is low speed,Low/medium/high speed followed by cycle.

AquaJet Dive H2 shape is similar to aircraft without tail with the characteristics of balance,stability and operability.

Underwater Photography
AquaJet Dive H2 is equipped with mounting interface of underwater camera for record to shared with friends.

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