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Freebird 350 soft-top/epoxy

The Freebird 350 provides that bit of extra speed and challenge. It has a slightly leaner and closer profile to the original Mistral Competition board and gives the user added stability and nimble control. The Freebird incorporates a retractable daggerboard, soft top deck, footstrap options and offers all the original benefits of fun and simplicity for which windsurfing was created.

L: 3.52m, W: 70.35m, H: 14.2m, W: 16.12kg, Vol: 218Liter

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When the Mistral Competition was launched as far back as 1986, who could have guessed it would go on to sell a staggering number exceeding 250,000 units. Following on from other long board styles of time, the simplicity and sensation these boards offered as you glide over water, can only be replicated by reproducing a similar shape and size.
Today there is genuine interest in revisiting this golden age of windsurfing for its purity and simplicity. The FREEBIRD is super good fun in light to moderate winds, up-haul friendly and a very stable platform upon which to play.
Combine this with a super light, easy to set up and take down and stow rig – and you’ve all the very best elements of the sport in a neat package as the sport was first intended! Step aboard and you’ll be transported back to the 80’s in true style. A fully retracting daggerboard, allows you to sail on all points of sailing, enjoy some old style free-style moves on top of a super soft top decking that makes for low impact use and super secure grip under-foot.
Nose and tail handles add just that bit extra ease of use when launching or controlling when on the beach and a super strong Tuttle box provides super strength in critical areas of the fin.

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 355 × 75 × 15 cm
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