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Mistral Nautique 11’5-12’6

Leash plug
11.5 kg (+/- 7%)
Nose D-ring (underside)
Tail D-ring
Rear grave handle
Slide in fin / push pin securement
Bow cargo net
Paddle holder
Central carry handle
Multiple side handles
Splash Guard around bow
Forward grave handle
Bumper nose shape

741,00784,30 exclude vat

*Shipping costs not inlcuded

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The Nautique 11’5 SUP is the ideal for yachts. In addition to his enormous tipping stability, it offers options for a lot of luggage transportable, retaining opportunities for escorts, and get all that without wet feet. Even in choppy water and wind picks it remains stable and dry on this SUP.
It has a very good tracking and is very safe paddling over troubled waters. Due to its robustness, it is also very sensitive, making it the ideal companion for boats and yachts. The white surface is ideal bleach against UV light.

This SUP also has to attach a special SEA kayak seat the opportunity and to paddle in the sitting. The balanced all-round capabilities make the Nautique 11’5 the perfect board for the whole family and also for heavy persons up to 130kg.

The Nautique 11’5 SUP is the ideal for shore excursions in almost all conditions. Also SUP tours do really enjoy this board.

Included – hand pump Mistral

NAUTIQUE 11’5 x 32 “x 6” x 353l x 11.5 kg (+/- 7%)


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