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Mistral Slipstream Air 12’6

The new slipstream Air 12’6 is a completely new Inflatable SUP Race in unique style.
Latest I-SUP technology with three separate air chambers for outstanding tilt stability, incredible longitudinal stability, as well as the extra plus of safety.

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Because of the new three air chamber system, the Slipstream Air 12’6 offers a unique, fully functional bug with maximum performance. The bug has been designed to cut the water perfect, and to generate a running back bow wave.
This property is similar as with the Vortex Hard board shapes.
The front air chamber is hollow, slightly raised, and can be inflated to give greater form the bow correspondingly more. The Slipstream Air 12’6 offers a unique rigid I-SUP construction, with unprecedented power / speed and performance, the Inflatable area. With the slipstream Air Mistral is driving the development of Inflatable SUP’s again a decisive step forward.

Slipstream Air is available in two widths :
25 “+ side chambers = 29.72”
or 28 “+ side chambers = 32.72”

Weight Width 25 “/ approximately 9.4 kg (+/- 7%)

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