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Mistral Vortex XL 14′

Race Line Flatwater Racer // Vortex 14 ‘XL x 24”und 26’ ‘ ‘ double victory in the 11-City Race by Seychelle ‘Hattingh (USA) & Steve Teihotaata (Tahiti), marked the beginning of Mistral’s brand new exclusive full carbon Flatwater Racer Vortex 14’0. A convincing performance from our team riders, and the official successor to the legendary Mistral M2. – the Vortex 14’0

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To build a successor to the probably fastest flatwater race board in the world,
the Mistral M2 that are not quite immodest task was to the Mistral development team.
In this case, the board should be balanced, controllable, and of course are incredibly fast .
of course, the field of application should be construed as broadly as possible.

The result is the new Mistral flatwater racer VORTEX 14’0 XL in two different
widths 24 “& 26”. Asked as to the 11City Tour impressive proof of that is
Vortex not only extremely fast, but also very difficult conditions could with a lot of
mastering persuasive wind and chop.

With the Mistral Vortex 14’0 XL Mistral sets the bar for exclusive and fast Race SUP’s
back to the top. Features such as automatic Goretex vent valve round the
starting equipment Mistral’s high-tech race boards.

VORTEX XL 14 ‘x 24 “x 9.7” x 269l x 11.9kg


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