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Swellpro Story

In 2013 the founder of SwellPro, Eric Hu, came up with the idea of creating  waterproof drones after witnessing a drone crashing into the ocean while he had holidays in the Caribbean. With the knowledge background in waterproof cameras, Eric threw himself into drone industry and aimed at creating brand-new waterproof drones.

The world’s first waterproof drone was created by SwellPro in 2014, it received great attention from customers and business owners. Ever since then, SwellPro has been strived to developing the finest waterproof drones for both amateurs and professionals. With great efforts, the company has now produced two product lines and established a mature system for after-sales service and warranty policy.

Until 2017, SwellPro has provided hundreds of thousands of waterproof drones to more than 10.000 watersports amateurs, seafarers and commonweal organizations worldwide and helped them with filming, fishing, boating and even search and rescue on the water.

With strong belief in our research and development ability, we will keep making every product detail sensible and customer-friendly. We hope each step we take will make big difference to your adventure journey. Where there is water, there is SwellPro!

Cultural concept

SwellPro was born to make waterproof drones a reality. Every technician from our R&D team has rich experience in waterproof cameras or drone industry.

Talent Strategy

In the early stages, SwellPro sells its products mainly in virtue of dealers all around the world. Today, SwellPro is building its own marketing team and sales system to serve the customers with greater efficiency.


Spry+, the world’s smallest waterproof sports drone was officially launched. It is updated basing on demands of users and brings more smooth flight experience.


SplashDrone 3 Plus was officially launched. The drone enhances the features of the SplashDrone 3 and is specially designed for boating, fishing,filming and rescue. The Spry hit its goal on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign got the support from 252 backers with a fund of $238.538.


Swellpro attended CES in Las Vegas, announcing its development of a revolutionary waterproof sports drone – Spry.


Swellpro introduced the SplashDrone 2 at IFA Berlin, the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics.


Swellpro with its US dealer Urbandrones launched the SplashDrone on Kickstarter, an updated version of the Mariner drone. The successful campaign raised $300.000 in total.


SwellPro (FPV factory) was started up. Late in next year, Mariner drone, the world’s first waterproof quadcopter with GoPro camera mount was born.

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