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Aerofoils F.A.Q


Are there any safety rules?

We recommend you to wear a life jacket and a helmet while foiling. Depending on the country and region where you are riding, you need additional clothes. The rider should be at least 14 years old. Don’t use the e-foil in extreme weather conditions.

Do I need a license or registration for e-foiling?

The regulations are different in every country. You have to get informed about the specific registration or license requirements in your specific location.

Do I need a sport boat license in Germany?

No, you don’t need a sport boat license, because the e-foil has only 5 PS. Only if you want to drive on the Rhein a license is required.

Can I ride the e-tron foil on the North and East Sea?

Yes! No special registration is required.

Do I have to label my e-foil in Germany?

There is a labeling requirement on rivers in Germany. You need a license number.

Can I ride my e-foil on every lake?

There is no general regulation, you have to get information from local responsible people.

What should I note when I select a spot to ride?

Try to find a spot where the water is at least 1.5 m deep, to avoid any damages on the e-foil. Keep away from heavy flows and especially as a beginner you should choose a
calm, not overcrowded spot to learn riding. Keep distance from swimmers and boats.

Can I use the e-tron foil in any weather?

We wouldn’t recommend using the e-foil in extreme weather conditions like heavy rain or wind. If you do so,it is your own risk.

Where can I learn how to e-foil?

You can read our “Audi e-tron foil” instruction manual, there is a whole chapter about how to learn e-foiling.

How long can I ride the e-foil?

Maximum range and riding time depends on riders weight, weather conditions, flying height and wing setup.
Our Teamrider with a riders weight of 75kg can reach up to 2h riding time at a speed of 20 km/h. With a moderate driving style and higher riders weight 1,5h is very common in our experiences. You can reach a range of up to 40 km in quiet conditions. Your remote control will inform you about the status of the battery at any time.

What happens if I fall off the board?

If you fall off the e-tron foil it will automatically stop and you can swim back to it. Try to fall into the opposite direction than the e-foil.

What is the weight and top speed of the e-foil?

The e-tron foil weighs 32 kg (battery included) and has a maximum speed of 50 km/h.


What is the price of the e-tron foil?

The price is 12.499 Euro.

Where do you ship?

In the first year we only ship in Europe.

What cards/payment options do you accept?

We accept all common payment options like Visa, MasterCard etc.

Can I purchase the components like wings or masts separately?

If you want to reorder parts of your e-tron foil, contact our support.  


What does the warranty cover?

Our normal warranty covers all damages that happened while manufacturing and last for 24 months. You can assert every service issue at authorised dealer locations.

What can I do if I got a damaged product?

Please contact our support or the nearest authorised dealer. You will get a replacement if the damage has occurred because of manufacturing issues.


What kind of maintenance does the e-tron foil need?

Our e-tron foil is made of high-quality materials which are very resistant. Try to always clean your board from sand, salt and other dirt, that is the main maintenance you have to do. Watch out for any damages on the drive unit parts, seals, cables and wires before every ride. You can use contact spray to clean the plug connections.

What can I do after using the e-tron foil in saltwater?

After using your e-tron foil in saltwater you should rinse off the salt with freshwater, in order to form no residues.

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