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2.2 steps ahead

Announcing Series 2.2

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Series 2.2

Everything before has come to this moment.
Our obsession to simplify and perfect has brought us here. Fliteboard Series 2.2

It’s the ultimate ride, refined.

Suitable for the widest range of riders

Excellent safety and durability features

Two-year global warranty and support

Integrated analytics and social platform


High performance versatility.

Our most popular board planes early yet remains agile for advanced riders. Quality construction and modular design means you can teach friends, or add advanced wings to progress your ride.

Size                                                                           Volume

173x72cm            100 Litres



Agile. Responsive. Intrepid.

Agile and responsive for lightweight riders and boundary-pushers alike. The solid planing area encourages newer (but confident) riders to get up and get carving.

Size                                                                                         Volume

153X65cm               67 Litres



Strap into the world’s smallest eFoil.

Ultra is for experts who want to take the sport to new heights (literally). Reduced weight, streamlined design and optional foot straps make it the ultimate for waves, jumps, racing and carving hard.

Size                                                                                Volume

127x59cm             54 Litres



Built for the toughest adventures.

Even learning.

AIR’s rugged, inflatable design makes it perfect for families, yachts, resorts and schools. More than 50 Fliteschools worldwide choose Air. It’s a great go-to for heavier or older riders who’re after a more forgiving way to fly.

Size                                                                           Volume

183x77cm            150 Litres


What is a Fliteboard eFoil?

With the Fliteboard eFoil you have the feeling of flying over the water: fast, quiet and emission-free. It’s a cool surfboard with an electric drive. Fliteboard glides through the water like a snowboard through powder snow, controlled with a remote control in hand. Enjoy the freedom to be able to drive anywhere and anytime – regardless of wind and waves, on the lake, by the sea or on the river!

Every detail of the fliteboard has been designed for maximum performance, durability, design and driving pleasure. With interchangeable components, the Fliteboard can be easily transported, prepared for use in next to no time and adapted to your individual driving style.

It is a unique experience that you will never forget! Almost anyone can learn it in a very short time, but it is also very interesting for a water sports professional!

  • Up to 30 km range
  • Up to 45 km / h
  • Up to 90 minutes of battery life
  • Noiseless electric motor
  • Completely emission-free drive
  • Glide over the water without a stern wave
  • Brushless electric motor: The quiet electric motor generates enough drive to glide at speeds of up to 45 km / h.
  • G-Force gearbox: Precision that was specially developed in Germany for the unique requirements of Fliteboard.
  • Newton-Rader Propeller: Developed for maximum propulsion power and efficiency with different wings, weight classes and speeds.
  • Wings: Interchangeable wings allow you to easily adapt to your driving style. Made from highly compressed, impregnated carbon fiber for maximum hardness and stability.

  • Purposeful design: Every detail of the Fliteboard was developed for maximum performance, durability, aesthetics and 100% driving pleasure.
  • America’s Cup inspired: Fliteboard was developed with the help of sophisticated parametric models and digital wind tunnel technology, so it glides instinctively through the water.
  • High quality materials: carbon fiber, innegra, aerospace aluminum, high quality wood laminates and composites.
  • One-piece fuselage: The world’s first one-piece motorized hydrofoil fuselage achieves greater efficiency thanks to optimized hydrodynamics.

  • Flite-Controller: The Flite-Controller is a specially developed waterproof handheld remote control that offers the driver intuitive control.
  • Acceleration regulation: 1,000 steps Magnetic actuator (Hall sensor) for precise acceleration control.
  • GPS + Bluetooth: Bluetooth connection with integrated GPS, accelerometer and data recording.
  • Cruise control: Sophisticated algorithms offer help when starting, a cruise control and an automatic switch-off function (patented).

Which Fliteboard

is right for you?

Can’t decide?


Learn to fly in one hour.


Learn to fly at one of our Fliteschool Authorised Partners. If after a one hour lesson you’re not foiling in control for at least short distances, the next lesson is on us.

Become a partner

New wings for Ultra rides: Flow and Race.

Our new performance wings have been specifically developed for expert riders on Fliteboard Ultra and Pro. The Flow range comprises six wings designed for waves and hard carving, including wing breaches. Race has been designed for full-throttle high-speed riding.





A more sustainable way to fly

Our goal is to help accelerate the shift towards more environmentally friendly powered marine craft. Fliteboard provides a whisper-quiet, emission-free ride without leaving any wake or pollution trail.


Which Fliteboard is right for you?


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