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Origins of  Waydoo

Founded in 2018, Waydoo is a company that invests and manufactures intelligence hardware for water sports enthusiasts. Waydoo was originally a startup project incubated by a leading agricultural UAV company, TXA, and DJI is still one of its stakeholders. With over 10 years of industry background and product development experience, Waydoo’s R&D team has gained a strong and mature technology capacity, which ensures the quality and practicability of its water sports products. After less than one-year invention, Waydoo’s first product, Waydoo Flyer came to market in Q3 2019. In Q4 2019, Waydoo gained its Pre-A fund raising with millions of US dollars.


Technology & Manufacturing

With a self-owned factory located in Shenzhen, Waydoo has the capacity of integrating the supply chain and increasing production quality and efficiency. Benefits from TXA’s years of experience in smart device development, Waydoo R&D team has been gathering technical experience in structure design, fluid design, industrial design, and electromechanical design. Waydoo has dedicated years to innovation and thus has gained 18 invention patents, 47 utility model patents, 18 design patents, and 11 PCT international patents.

Today the Flite team consists of over 40 permanent staff across four offices spanning Byron Bay and Melbourne (Australia), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Nyack, New York (USA).

Fliteboard family have also grown to include a passionate network of Authorised Resellers and Fliteschools.

Global Footprints

With the aim of promoting water-friendly culture, Waydoo has been working with distributors and partners worldwide. We have our brand recognized by professional surfer athletes. Egan Inoue, the 13-time world championship maker is now our official brand amabassadar.


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