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Awake Support Guide


Removing the battery pack

The battery is removed by pulling the handle of the locking mechanism firmly upwards.

Charging the battery pack

The battery is charged via the quick charger that is included in the delivery of the Awake RÄVIK Board. The battery docks to the charger through the same mechanism that locks it into the board.

1 ] Remove the power key leash from the battery
2 ] Remove the battery from the board
3 ] Place the battery on the charger and make sure the handle is locked to the locking pins
4 ] Connect the power cable to the desired power output
5 ] Attach the power key leash to the battery
6 ] The battery is now charging

Battery charge time

The standard battery will be completely charged in 1 hour and 20 minutes if empty prior to charge. The extended battery will be completely charged in 2 hours if empty prior to charge.

Storing the battery

When in storage for a longer period of time, it’s crucial to regularly (monthly) check the battery charge by connecting the battery to the Awake app. The battery should keep a charge between 20-60% at all times during a longer storage periods.


Awake RÄVIK Wireless hand controller

The ergonomic wireless hand controller has a dynamite throttle setup, meaning that the speed of the board is adjusted with the help of you thumb.

Awake RÄVIK Board bag

The Awake RÄVIK Board is delivered complete in a custom made board bag that fits everything you need to safely transport all the equipment, including the charger.

Awake RÄVIK Power key leash

The power key leash is the magnet and leash that is attached to your body and then connected to one of the receptacles on either side of the native display on the battery.

Awake RÄVIK Foot straps

The custom made foot straps provide stability and comfort during the ride, and is adjustable for a perfect fit.

Awake x MFC Fins

Awake and world class surf fin manufacturer MFC has come together to create a custom edition of their Kai XXL-fins.



The Awake App, available both for Iphone and Android, is the main tool for everything from checking battery status, temperature and range to changing rider modes, throttle sensitivity and the name of the board.


1] Download the Awake App for Android/Iphone (search for “Awake Board” in respective app store)
2] Remove/make sure the Battery Pack is not connected to the board hull
3] When the battery pack is removed from the board, connect the Power Key it by placing it on one of the receptacles located on either side of the native status display
4] Open the Awake App on you Android/Iphone, when the board show up (CB…) on the board list, press it to connect.
5] Click ”INFO” in the right side corner of the app, then press ”SYSTEM INFO”
6] Press ”BOARD NAME” and deside the name of the board
7] Press ”SET” to locate the various rider/throttle modes, the default setting will be ECO/NORMAL
• Everytime you’ve finished with making changes to modes and/or board name, make sure to press ”RESET” in the top right corner to disconnect your device from the board
• Make sure to regularly connect the Awake App to the board in order to check vital board status such as temperature, riding time, etc.

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