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Awake Ravik S

Built for race, a pure and hydrodynamical carving machine for the ultimate challenge!

€12.900 excl. VAT, excl. shipping

Your new favourite sport

This is our board for true race and action. We designed the board for the riders looking for the next great adrenaline kick, who wants to test their limits. It is Awake’s signature model – The RÄVIK S.

Instant response

Thanks to the perfectly calibrated wireless hand controller and the Awake RÄVIK S’s carving rails, you are able to go deep and aggressive in the carves.

Jumps and action

Thanks to the strong construction and slim design, you will be able to test your limits in the water as well as above it, jumping on waves, for example.

The board for performance and race

Awake RÄVIK S – Awake’s race model, is the most advanced electric surfboard on the market. The W-shaped, hydrodynamic hull with its slim tail and aggressive rocker enables deep carves, high jumps and overall superior agility. The Awake RÄVIK S is perfect for anyone who is looking to challenge themselves on each ride, no matter if it’s on a motosurfing course at a flat lake, or in over-head waves out at sea.

Sharp and aggressive turns

The aggressive rocker design assists the Awake RÄVIK S’s carving rails so that riders are able to carve without the nose of the board diving, enabling does deep turns.
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