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Ewave Story

EWave Surf started with the vision of Steven George Garner from Canada desiring to blaze a new trail into the relatively new sport of electric motorized surfing.  Also commonly known as MotoSurfing, JetBoarding, or eFoiling, Steven had the pioneering vision to combine the two separate and distinct versions of motorized surfing into one versatile board.  Up until EWave, motorized surf boards were split into two primary categories:  gas powered jetboards and electric powered foil boards.  Both already had dominate players emerging in their respective categories but Steven’s design of the EWave Dual Propulsion Electric Board changed the entire direction and future of the Motorized Surfing World.

To help pursue his vision, Steven partnered up with his MotoSurfing friend Emmy, from China.  Emmy’s tremendous expertise in Chinese Manufacturing and negotiation skills helped bridge the gap and breath life into Steven’s vision.  Emmy introduced Steven to Tiger, who was a nationally recognized expert in engineering and propulsion systems.  Tiger also had one other key ingredient, a massive factory that could both engineer the vision and produce virtually every part necessary in house.  With his propulsion and engineering background, Tiger also shared the passion to join in on the then conceptual Dual Propulsion Motorized Electric Surfboard.

After tremendous effort, resources, time, and 14 different hull variations, the EWave trio collaborated and developed the production model we now know as the EWave V2 6000.

Now that the team had the V2 6000 developed, it was time to start building the business infrastructure required to bring a global product to the market.  Steven then tapped into one of his other MotoSurfing contacts Dana Lundquist of MotoSurf Texas.  Dana was already a professional motosurf racing figure and skilled efoiler at that time and highly passionate about the future advancements that electric provided.  He also possessed the next key ingredient Steven needed to accomplish his vision, the business acumen and determination necessary to help build the required distribution infrastructure. Along with Dana, Steven was also joined at this early stage by international JetBoard expert Wayne Brooks from JetBoard Limited in Spain and Matthew Bullock from H2O WaterSports in the United Kingdom.  The early adoption by these three key figures and distributors put in place the final piece of the puzzle necessary for a successful launch of the revolutionary EWave Electric Motorized Surfboard.

From the beginning, the goal was to build and distribute a leading edge electric MotoSurf board while maintaining a low-cost infrastructure.  Along with this, Steve’s vision was also to provide distributors enough incentive to both sale and service the boards properly to the end customers.  There was a void in the sales and service aspect of the MotoSurf world at that time.  Trying to balance all these variables into the production and distribution of the EWave was a monumental feat.  The EWave Team is ecstatic now that it has successfully achieved its primary goal of the Dual Propulsion MotoSurf Board.  Additionally, the team is excited to share the result of their many years of collaborative efforts with the rest of the world.  EWave has already shipped boards to virtually every corner of the globe and has many, many happy customers.  Looking to the future, the EWave Team is further energized by the many new and forthcoming innovations it has yet still to share.  More specifically, the modular design of Model V2 6000 allows us to integrate even more features, options, and accessories into our boards thereby providing our customers the confidence they are looking for in supporting the future of their MotoSurf lifestyle.  

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