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Awake Ravik One

The ultimate leisure board. Designed for long stable rides.

€10.900 excl. VAT, excl. shipping

Your new favourite sport

Awake RÄVIK ONE is our premier model, the first generation of our high-performance electric surfboards. It is the perfect board for anyone who is keen to get into electric surfing, and is looking for great stability, simplicity, and jaw-dropping acceleration!

Stable and reliable

Thanks to its robust design, wide tail, and M-shaped hull, the Awake RÄVIK ONE gives you great stability and control.

The perfect leisure board

Awake RÄVIK ONE is the no fuss-leisure board, perfect for anyone who is looking to get going on your electric surfing as easily as possible.

Superior cruising

The wide tail and rear-located buoyancy provides superior planning capabilities, resulting in unchallenged cruising and awesome acceleration!

Longer rides

Thanks to the high buoyancy, and the rear-located center of gravity, the Awake RÄVIK ONE uses less energy and therefore allows for longer riding times.
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