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Onean Story

Onean is a brand registered by the company Aquila (Bizintek Engineering & Product Design spin off company). The company designs and manufactures electric powered boards since 2013. After having validated the product concept during 2014 we launch our two first models, Carver and Manta boards, into the market by the end of 2015.Based in the Basque Country, we are perfectly located in an area with a broad industrial experience, by the sea and with a huge surfing culture.

Our multidisciplinary team, with different technical specializations, is able to develop the project from the start until the last detail. From electronic design and control algorithms development, to industrial manufacturing of the boards and propulsion units.In Onean we believe in this new sport and begin with the production of the first two commercial models of the Manta and Carver. Aquila´s aim is to consolidate Onean as a reference brand coinciding with the appearance of this new sport.

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